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BRDF Database

Database consists of anisotropic BRDFs of 150 materials: 96 fabric, 16 leather, 16 wood, 6 plastic, 6 carpets, 10 other (paper, plaster, paint,...) with elevation directions 15o and azimuthal directions 7.5o apart.

Samples of the measured 150 materials (area 11 x 11 mm).

Measured BRDFs ( each BRDF rows: 6 x 48 illumination directions, columns: 6 x 48 view directions).

BRDF renderings for a single directional light.

The database consists of 150 files in binary, MATLAB, and OpenEXR formats (color-space sRGB, observer 2 degrees, illuminant D65). Please just fill the form below and the requested download link will be sent to your email address shortly. Routines for BRDF loading and interpolation for the required incoming and outgoing directions are available in C++ (bin format) and MATLAB (mat format).

  • The measured BRDF (binary) can be directly visualized in Mitsuba renderer using plugin kindly provided by Jonathan Dupuy.

  • Our BRDFs are also supported by ALTA - A BRDF analysis library allowing parametric models fitting (many thanks to Laurent Belcour).

    Some of the original sample specimens can be provided upon request, so you can supplement our data with any additional property measurements. More technical details concerning BRDF data acquisition are available in the references below.

  • BRDF Databasedownload
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    BRDFs from BTFs

    BRDFs obtained by spatial averaging of our public BTF datasets. Angular resolution: 81 x 81 - data description.

    wood01 fabric02 fabric03 tile01 corduroy01 sandpaper01

    BRDFs from BTFsdownload
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